"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx (1895-1977)


Teenager sells his kidney to buy an Apple

Well..an Apple iPad 2.

..and now he regrets it...oh dear.

The boy, from Huaishan City, China said he couldn't afford an iPad 2 and wanted one really badly. He said he was contacted by an online broker who told him he could get 22,000 Yuan (around $3,400 / €2,300 / £2,000) for his kidney. 
"What a wonderful idea" he thought.

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Hot Hot Hot

Very hot in the shed today...time to get out in the sun..

..not a cloud in the skies....and its a bank holiday weekend here...wa-hey..

The 'broadcasting from a shed' dog lapping up the sun yesterday outside the shed...


Microsoft shows off Windows 8 in action

The video below has been released by Microsoft, showing Windows 8 as it will be.

This new version of Windows seems to have its feet firmly planted in the tablet market, it's "apps apps apps" all the way....but, although the video doesn't show it too much, a familiar Windows desktop layout will also be present and correct, so upgrading shouldn't be too confusing.


Leonard Nimoy doesn't feel like doing anything..

..nothing at all..

Dog survives being shot and buried alive

A heart-wrenching news story today from Malta, where a collie dog was found crawling from its own grave where it was buried alive after being shot and bound.

Why would somebody do that ?

Sky News article with video here -

How to ride a bike down a hill

This man, in a video from last year, rode full speed down some urban streets in Valparaiso, Chile...dodging stray dogs while wearing a pinstripe suit during an urban downhill mountain bike race

If you do watch the following video....please watch it on full screen for the best experience...and hold tight..



Who was the Beatles drummer ?...Ringo Starr ?...or Bernard Purdie ??...or both ??

Bernard Purdie claims to have played drums on no less than twenty-one classic Beatles tracks in place of the seemingly technically inferior Ringo Starr.

“I got paid in five figures, and that was the largest amount of money I’d ever gotten in my life. I thought they were paying me all that money because they liked what I played. Then Brian Epstein told me I was being paid to keep my mouth shut.”

Although he claims to have played drums on twenty-one of The Beatles tracks, he won't disclose which tracks they were.

Starr's reply to the claims are - "“Well then, what was I doing in the studio? I’ve heard that rubbish before. Everyone was expecting me to come out and fight it. You don’t bother fighting that.”

More on Purdie's claims and his story can be found here...decide for yourselves..


America gets soft on their suspected criminals


If you were on the Merrion Road in Dublin...

..this morning...you would have seen this...

If you'd like to follow 'joblesspaddy' and see where his plea leads him, then you'll find him on facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jobless-Paddy/109678759119574


A hunter shoots a bear

This is an interactive YouTube video...nothing new there, there's quite a few out there by now, and some very good ones.....but this one takes the 'interactive' part just a little step forward, its asks you to tell it what to do...and, quite amazingly, works very well......try this out...

*there is some explicit language involved in this, so be aware of that before viewing.


So...today The Sunday Times did an article in their lifestyle magazine supplement...about a fella with a shed..somewhere in Sligo..

'The Shed' as in 'Broadcasting From A Shed'.

I didnt think the old shed would warrant any attention like this, and if so maybe just a wee corner article somewhere. (this is the irish version only of the newspaper)

Anyway...for those interested in such nonsense as this, here are some photos..too big for the scanner.

Click on each picture for a bigger version...