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Who was the Beatles drummer ?...Ringo Starr ?...or Bernard Purdie ??...or both ??

Bernard Purdie claims to have played drums on no less than twenty-one classic Beatles tracks in place of the seemingly technically inferior Ringo Starr.

“I got paid in five figures, and that was the largest amount of money I’d ever gotten in my life. I thought they were paying me all that money because they liked what I played. Then Brian Epstein told me I was being paid to keep my mouth shut.”

Although he claims to have played drums on twenty-one of The Beatles tracks, he won't disclose which tracks they were.

Starr's reply to the claims are - "“Well then, what was I doing in the studio? I’ve heard that rubbish before. Everyone was expecting me to come out and fight it. You don’t bother fighting that.”

More on Purdie's claims and his story can be found here...decide for yourselves..



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