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BioShock Infinite

If a promo video was ever going to make you buy a video game then surely its this one.

Based in 1912 the main character in the game must rescue a woman trapped aboard the collapsing "air-city".

From the games Wiki page -
Booker DeWitt is hired by mysterious individuals and tasked to infiltrate an air-city and rescue a young woman named Elizabeth, who has been held aboard the air-city for the last twelve years. Though DeWitt finds Elizabeth easily enough, he quickly discovers that Elizabeth is central to the civil war raging in the city as each faction seeks to use Elizabeth to turn the tide of the conflict in their favor, forcing DeWitt and Elizabeth to trust each other in order to escape. To complicate matters, the pair are chased by Songbird, a large, robotic bird-like creature who had been Elizabeth's friend and warden over the last twelve years of her imprisonment. Songbird was designed by its creator to feel betrayal should Elizabeth escape, comparable to an "abusive husband" "

The game won't be available until 2012, but in the meantime we have this very mouth-watering promo video which shows gameplay footage.

This video needs to be watched in full screen for the best effect.


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