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Woman tied up by robber sends out an SOS with her toes using a laptop..

39 year old Amy Windom, from Atlanta, USA was tied to her bed and hit over the head with a gun by an armed bugler who went through her belongings and then stole her car. She spent about four hours in panic, and then {in her own words}...

"Around 4:15 or so, I realized that he had left my laptop at the foot of my bed. I flipped my legs over my head and turned off my alarm clock so my radio wouldn't be blaring and block me from hearing anybody walking by that might be able to help me, and I was like, ‘wow, I guess I can do more than I thought with my feet,'" so I dragged my laptop over with my feet and I pried it open."
After struggling to simultaneously push the control, alt and delete keys to unlock her computer, "the wifi popped right up and it was a wonderful moment when I had the screen and realized my internet connection was live," she said. "I was worried that the guy had cut my phone line, so I was worried that I wouldn't have an internet connection."

Windom managed to send a message to her boyfriend to call the police who then arrived a few minutes later...

...but...police are investigating the break-in further to make sure the account is not a fabrication.....decide for yourself...


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