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A Slice Of Life

I know there are lots of similar projects like this all over the net, but this is the most epic effort I have come across...
U.S. artist Karl Baden began taking photographs of himself in 1987...one a day, every day...and every day since !!...thats 1987 to now...he is still doing it each day right now.
...the same setup was used for all the photographs taken: a single camera, with a tripod, strobe lighting and a white backdrop...they were almost always the same, his face on the center, under the same lighting conditions, with minimal expression and distinct indicators of mood and/or personality.
He did miss one day though...on October 15, 1991 when he was running late for a class he was teaching....apart from that, it's been one photograph of himself every single day...
Every now and then he compiles them together and exhibits them like this, this being the most recent...a two minute, twenty-three year document of his ageing face..


Martin McFadden said...

It's amazing watching him get older through the time Doug , first time I've really watched anything like this as the other ones I've seen have been over a shorter period of time :)

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