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U2 - "We're Coming Back!!"

A comeback for U2 it seems, and don't they all look happy and more importantly healthy, especially the man who has been laid up with a bad back - Bono....and he's looking very trim, lost some weight with his mishap it seems, but in good physical condition and thats the main thing.
The summer 2010 European Tour opens in Turin next month, albeit late, but without an Irish / UK date.
It's amazing to see a band as long together as they are remain as the line-up that started out and all seem to get along so well still, it's quite unique and obviously great for U2 fans.

The 2010/2011 Tour dates are *here*


Pauline said...

Brilliant, really pleased they are up and running again.

Pauline said...

And isn't it nice to see someone acknowlege that the fans would have been out of pocket!

Doug said...

Yeah...all good news !!

Wilho said...

Great news. I haven`t got tickets to the Helsinki gigs but a few of my mates will be happy.

NYCTim said...

Glad to hear that Bono is "rebuilt" and ready to go. Agree with Bats that it was cool the band acknowledged the fans who had already spent quite a bit of money on tickets and hotels. Nice touch.

wilho said...

I have a strange feeling, that i have to get there somehow( helsinki gigs )..where there is a will, there is a way...when U2 was playing at Helsinki during Zooropa tour, a couple of mates of mine were looking for a place to eat after the gig. On the north side of the stadium they found a restaurant called Helmi ( the Pearl ) and asked the bouncer if they could eat there: no, the kithcen closed an hour ago, but there is a pizza place open just around the corner. They had their pizzas and decided to go back to the same place for drinks. Me mate ordered a cider and a beer and two packets of cigarettes offered his plastic to pay. The bartender said there is no need for that: it is free, someone pays everything tonight, feel free to order some drinks, which me mates did indeed...couple of hours later a man in his staw hat came down from the upstairs and wawed his hat to people there to say goodbye: The Edge had had his birthday party there. Lucky bastards, I`d say =)

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