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TubeChop : Cut to the Interesting part of any YouTube video..

Following on from the "Free Video Cutter" post, this neat and simple online tool makes it easy to take, say, the interesting two or three minute part of an eight or nine minute YouTube video and share it on forums, blogs or email...and you don’t even have to go to YouTube for searching videos and their urls. Just put your keywords in TubeChop seach engine and get the videos. Once you have the video, just use the left black bar and right black bar to select the time frame which you want to chop. Left black bar is for staring time and right black bar is for the ending time of video. Move it around and fix it.
When your video gets chopped, you can embed the chopped video to blog/website/forum (forum rules permitting) with the supplied code.

go to TubeChop *here*


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