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Pamela Izevbekhai

Pamela Izevbekhai is a nigerian woman who came to Sligo a few years back. When she arrived she had shocked the community with the details of her first born daughters death after female genital mutilation at 17 months old...she begged not to be sent back to Nigeria as her remaining two daughters {who also came with her to Sligo} would have to face the same treatment,and she was afraid it would kill them too.
Pamela went very public - giving interviews to all the papers and national tv, trying to drum up public support to let her stay - and the public got behind her...there were local events and fundraisers to help her and her plight, and also hundreds of Sligo people went with her to demonstrate outside the goverment buildings in Dublin against sending her and her children back...eventually support was so strong for her case here in Sligo that she had a civic reception at the city hall.

But, all was not what it seemed, aparently....allegations arose that she had fabricated the story about the death of her baby daughter, allegations which Ms Izevbekhai totally rejected...support on the streets for her now turned against her, in a big way...

Today her case was brought before the Supreme Court where she failed in her fight against deportation, but her solicitor now says that they will appeal in the european court of human rights...the story, although nearing it's conclusion may still have one final chapter left...

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