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Kidzui - safe and fun internet for kids..

This is something i tell a lot of people with young kids about...a fantastic little piece of software, our youngest child uses it and loves it..
Basically it is a browser, but the content is designed for young children...i would say under 8's...i imagine 3-4 year old's will especially like it.
..it has ton's of flash games, childrens websites, and specially chosen youtube videos...

The browser can be 'locked' so you can walk away knowing the child can't minimize the browser and go messing with other files on the pc.
..if you have a child between 2-8 i'd highly recommend this...like i say, we have had it on our house pc for a good while now..
..there may be a short registration process, but this only has to be done once...

free download from here -



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