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A free, no-install, reliable way to block adult content being accessed on your computer

It's a question I get asked a lot from people due to the PC Repair work that I do....I have in the past recommended K-9 software as it was free and did a good job of what it was supposed to do, I still do recommend it as it has a lot of features which are controlled by a password of your choosing...i.e, if you wanted to access a site that was blocked by the software, you can over-ride it temporarily with your password.
Open DNS also has a good free service called 'FamilyShield', and in their case no software at all has to be installed, just add a couple of DNS server numbers to your network adapters properties...if that sounds a little daunting then this video guides you through it....or read a guide and more info *here*
It should be noted though, that although the Open DNS solution is simple, someone can very easily remove the DNS entries with sufficent knowledge.

The I.P's to be added to your DNS {for Open DNS FamilyShield} are -


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